Commit e8f6d2c2 authored by Yahor Yuzefovich's avatar Yahor Yuzefovich

sql: add 192auto to the hint for vectorize session variable

Release justification: bug fixes and low-risk updates to new
functionality (only hint change).

`192auto` was forgotten to be added to the hint for `vectorize` session

Release note: None
parent 8fbad6ef
......@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@ var varGen = map[string]sessionVar{
mode, ok := sessiondata.VectorizeExecModeFromString(s)
if !ok {
return newVarValueError(`vectorize`, s,
"off", "auto", "on", "experimental_always")
"off", "192auto", "auto", "on", "experimental_always")
return nil
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