Commit b710ead8 authored by craig[bot]'s avatar craig[bot]

Merge #48714

48714: kvserver: deflake TestRangeTransferLeaseExpirationBased r=tbg,nvanbenschoten a=knz

Fixes #47561.
Co-authored-by: default avatarRaphael 'kena' Poss <[email protected]>
parents 3701577f 5cc53b82
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......@@ -1007,9 +1007,30 @@ func (s *Store) SetDraining(drain bool, reporter func(int, string)) {
baseCtx := logtags.AddTag(context.Background(), "drain", nil)
// In a running server, the code below (transferAllAway and the loop
// that calls it) does not need to be conditional on messaging by
// the Stopper. This is because the top level Server calls SetDrain
// upon a graceful shutdown, and waits until the SetDrain calls
// completes, at which point the work has terminated on its own. If
// the top-level server is forcefully shut down, it does not matter
// if some of the code below is still running.
// However, the situation is different in unit tests where we also
// assert there are no leaking goroutines when a test terminates.
// If a test terminates with a timed out lease transfer, it's
// possible for the transferAllAway() closure to be still running
// when the closer shuts down the test server.
// To prevent this, we add this code here which adds the missing
// cancel + wait in the particular case where the stopper is
// completing a shutdown while a graceful SetDrain is still ongoing.
ctx, cancelFn := s.stopper.WithCancelOnStop(baseCtx)
defer cancelFn()
var wg sync.WaitGroup
ctx := logtags.AddTag(context.Background(), "drain", nil)
transferAllAway := func(transferCtx context.Context) int {
// Limit the number of concurrent lease transfers.
const leaseTransferConcurrency = 100
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