Commit 4d6a9abc authored by craig[bot]'s avatar craig[bot]

Merge #44638

44638: roachtest: continue running if test panics r=nvanbenschoten a=tbg

We didn't run most roachtests tonight because the sqlsmith roachtest
panicked in `.Generate()` (ironic I know).

Obviously a panicking test ought not be able to mess with roachtest
in that way. Translate the panic into a test failure and carry on.

Release note: None
Co-authored-by: default avatarTobias Schottdorf <[email protected]>
parents f1362c42 cfc93b02
......@@ -731,6 +731,13 @@ func (r *testRunner) runTest(
defer close(done) // closed only after we've grabbed the debug info below
// This is the call to actually run the test.
defer func() {
if r := recover(); r != nil {
// TODO(andreimatei): prevent the cluster from being reused.
t.Fatalf("test panicked: %v", r)
t.spec.Run(runCtx, t, c)
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