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    build: upgrade to node 12 LTS · 22a4ef7f
    David Hartunian authored
    In order to use the latest webpack version we need
    to upgrade the node version as well.
    This upgrades us to the current LTS version.
    Added some documentation on this in README which 
    mirrors many of the steps for a go upgrade.
    Added a `.node-version` file to the root of the 
    repo which helps with using the `nodenv` tool to 
    manage locally installed nodes versions.
    * [X] Adjust version in Docker image ([source](./builder/Dockerfile#L218)).
    * [X] Rebuild the Docker image and bump the version in builder.sh accordingly ([source](./builder.sh#L6)).
    * [X] Bump the default installed version of nodejs in bootstrap-debian.sh ([source](./bootstrap/bootstrap-debian.sh#L9)).
    * [X] Update the `builder.dockerImage` parameter in the TeamCity `Cockroach` project.
    Closes: #44021
    Release note (build change): CockroachDB UI is now built with node12
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