Commit cf566561 authored by Andrii Vorobiov's avatar Andrii Vorobiov

ui: Add Statements page storybook

To test styles isolation for statements page
we need storybook which displays entire
Statements screen only.

To make it work, RouterProvider decorator
is added which connects router to dummy (empty)

`statementsPage.fixture.ts` file contains snapshot
of required props for StatementsPage component

Release note: None
parent fd1bccfd
......@@ -10,11 +10,11 @@
import React from "react";
import classNames from "classnames";
import getHighlightedText from "src/util/highlightedText";
import map from "lodash/map";
import isUndefined from "lodash/isUndefined";
import times from "lodash/times";
import getHighlightedText from "src/util/highlightedText";
import { DrawerComponent } from "../drawer";
import { trackTableSort } from "src/util/analytics";
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