Commit 82219501 authored by Andrei Matei's avatar Andrei Matei

kvserver: TestReplicateQueueDownReplicate

This test was trying to upreplicate a range and then wait for the
replication queue to downreplicate it. The test had rotted back when we
switched the replication factor of system ranges from 3x to 5x; with
5x replication, the range started off as having 5 replicas so the
upreplication step was unnecessary. Worse, the upreplication part was
flaky, presumably because it was constantly racing with the replication
queue trying to downreplicate the range (although I couldn't repro
despite a lot of stress).

Fixes #48284

Release note: None
parent b4b7d454
......@@ -241,6 +241,7 @@ func TestReplicateQueueUpReplicate(t *testing.T) {
// notice over-replicated ranges and remove replicas from them.
func TestReplicateQueueDownReplicate(t *testing.T) {
defer leaktest.AfterTest(t)()
ctx := context.Background()
const replicaCount = 3
// The goal of this test is to ensure that down replication occurs correctly
......@@ -255,46 +256,22 @@ func TestReplicateQueueDownReplicate(t *testing.T) {
defer tc.Stopper().Stop(context.Background())
// Split off a range from the initial range for testing; there are
// complications if the metadata ranges are moved.
testKey := roachpb.Key("m")
if _, _, err := tc.SplitRange(testKey); err != nil {
defer tc.Stopper().Stop(ctx)
allowedErrs := strings.Join([]string{
// If a node is already present, we expect this error.
"unable to add replica .* which is already present",
// If a replica for this range was previously present on this store and
// it has already been removed but has not yet been GCed, this error
// is expected.
}, "|")
// Up-replicate the new range to all nodes to create redundant replicas.
// Every time a new replica is added, there's a very good chance that
// another one is removed. So all the replicas can't be added at once and
// instead need to be added one at a time ensuring that the replica did
// indeed make it to the desired target.
for _, server := range tc.Servers {
nodeID := server.NodeID()
// If this is not wrapped in a SucceedsSoon, then other temporary
// failures unlike the ones listed below, such as rejected reservations
// can cause the test to fail. When encountering those failures, a
// retry is in order.
testutils.SucceedsSoon(t, func() error {
_, err := tc.AddReplicas(testKey, roachpb.ReplicationTarget{
NodeID: nodeID,
StoreID: server.GetFirstStoreID(),
if testutils.IsError(err, allowedErrs) {
return nil
return err
// Disable the replication queues so that the range we're about to create
// doesn't get down-replicated too soon.
testKey := tc.ScratchRange(t)
desc := tc.LookupRangeOrFatal(t, testKey)
// At the end of StartTestCluster(), all ranges have 5 replicas since they're
// all "system ranges". When the ScratchRange() splits its range, it also
// starts up with 5 replicas. Since it's not a system range, its default zone
// config asks for 3x replication, and the replication queue will
// down-replicate it.
require.Len(t, desc.Replicas().All(), 5)
// Re-enable the replication queue.
// Now wait until the replicas have been down-replicated back to the
// desired number.
......@@ -753,6 +753,7 @@ func (tc *TestCluster) findMemberStore(storeID roachpb.StoreID) (*kvserver.Store
// TODO(andrei): This method takes inexplicably long.
// I think it shouldn't need any retries. See #38565.
func (tc *TestCluster) WaitForFullReplication() error {
log.Infof(context.TODO(), "WaitForFullReplication")
start := timeutil.Now()
defer func() {
end := timeutil.Now()
......@@ -874,6 +875,17 @@ func (tc *TestCluster) ReplicationMode() base.TestClusterReplicationMode {
return tc.replicationMode
// ToggleReplicateQueues activates or deactivates the replication queues on all
// the stores on all the nodes.
func (tc *TestCluster) ToggleReplicateQueues(active bool) {
for _, s := range tc.Servers {
_ = s.Stores().VisitStores(func(store *kvserver.Store) error {
return nil
type testClusterFactoryImpl struct{}
// TestClusterFactory can be passed to serverutils.InitTestClusterFactory
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