Commit 610f23f3 authored by Spas Bojanov's avatar Spas Bojanov

schemachange: unskip TestDropWhileBackfill

Disabling the GC job was preventing this test from completing.
Tested with `test stress`: 1000 successful runs.

Fixes #44944.

Release note: none.
parent fd1bccfd
......@@ -611,7 +611,6 @@ CREATE UNIQUE INDEX vidx ON t.test (v);
// successfully complete without deleting the data.
func TestDropWhileBackfill(t *testing.T) {
defer leaktest.AfterTest(t)()
// protects backfillNotification
var mu syncutil.Mutex
backfillNotification := make(chan struct{})
......@@ -639,8 +638,6 @@ func TestDropWhileBackfill(t *testing.T) {
SQLSchemaChanger: &sql.SchemaChangerTestingKnobs{
BackfillChunkSize: chunkSize,
// Disable GC job.
GCJob: &sql.GCJobTestingKnobs{RunBeforeResume: func(_ int64) error { select {} }},
DistSQL: &execinfra.TestingKnobs{
RunBeforeBackfillChunk: func(sp roachpb.Span) error {
if partialBackfillDone.Load().(bool) {
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