Commit 1895f708 authored by Oliver Tan's avatar Oliver Tan

Makefile: fix vendor modvendor

Since modvendor requires installation during vendor rebuilding, but a
dependency may have changed, `go mod` complains about inconsistent
versioning. To fix this, use -mod=mod when installing modvendor.

Release note: None
parent 74d70213
......@@ -314,7 +314,9 @@ $(call make-lazy,term-reset)
# Force vendor directory to rebuild.
.PHONY: vendor_rebuild
vendor_rebuild: bin/.submodules-initialized
# Use -mod=mod, as -mod=vendor will try install from the vendor directory
# which may be mismatching upon rebuild.
$(GO_INSTALL) -v -mod=mod
# Tell Make to delete the target if its recipe fails. Otherwise, if a recipe
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