Commit 0cb56f8d authored by Nathan VanBenschoten's avatar Nathan VanBenschoten

sql: don't allocate clientConnLock in LockCommunication

This allocation was showing up as **0.28%** of a CPU profile while
running TPC-E. It's easy to avoid, so do so.

While here, do the same thing for noopClientLock.
parent 5286181a
......@@ -577,9 +577,7 @@ func (icc *internalClientComm) CreateSyncResult(pos CmdPos) SyncResult {
// LockCommunication is part of the ClientComm interface.
func (icc *internalClientComm) LockCommunication() ClientLock {
return &noopClientLock{
clientComm: icc,
return (*noopClientLock)(icc)
// Flush is part of the ClientComm interface.
......@@ -624,26 +622,24 @@ func (icc *internalClientComm) CreateDrainResult(pos CmdPos) DrainResult {
// noopClientLock is an implementation of ClientLock that says that no results
// have been communicated to the client.
type noopClientLock struct {
clientComm *internalClientComm
type noopClientLock internalClientComm
// Close is part of the ClientLock interface.
func (ncl *noopClientLock) Close() {}
// ClientPos is part of the ClientLock interface.
func (ncl *noopClientLock) ClientPos() CmdPos {
return ncl.clientComm.lastDelivered
return ncl.lastDelivered
// RTrim is part of the ClientLock interface.
func (ncl *noopClientLock) RTrim(_ context.Context, pos CmdPos) {
var i int
var r resWithPos
for i, r = range ncl.clientComm.results {
for i, r = range ncl.results {
if r.pos >= pos {
ncl.clientComm.results = ncl.clientComm.results[:i]
ncl.results = ncl.results[:i]
......@@ -1344,15 +1344,13 @@ func (c *conn) maybeFlush(pos sql.CmdPos) (bool, error) {
// nothing to "lock" - communication is naturally blocked as the command
// processor won't write any more results.
func (c *conn) LockCommunication() sql.ClientLock {
return &clientConnLock{flushInfo: &}
return (*clientConnLock)(&
// clientConnLock is the connection's implementation of sql.ClientLock. It lets
// the sql module lock the flushing of results and find out what has already
// been flushed.
type clientConnLock struct {
type clientConnLock flushInfo
var _ sql.ClientLock = &clientConnLock{}
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